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Adult Toothbrush
The Adult Toothbrush, with its Regular Brush design, features Soft, Flexible bristles made of chosen, durable Plastic, guaranteeing gentle yet efficient cleaning. Available in varied sizes, it promotes comprehensive oral health. Regular maintenance involves rinsing after use and replacing every three months. Personalization options add style to dental routines.
Baby Toothbrush
The Baby Toothbrush, solid with gentle Plastic bristles, ensures safe oral care for infants. Available in sizes, colors, and styles, it fosters early dental habits. It aids gentle gum stimulation and plaque removal, promoting oral health. Maintenance is simple: rinse after each use and replace as needed. Its appeal encourages regular use, vital for infant oral health.

Electric Toothbrush
The Electric Toothbrush, ideal for dental health, boasts a solid form with Plastic bristles. Available in sizes and colors, it suits preferences. Effortless to use, it cleans and massages gums with oscillating motions, improving oral health. Regular use reduces cavities and gum disease risks. Maintenance includes battery charging and brush head replacement, simplifying oral care for healthy teeth and gums.
Package Toothbrush
The Package Toothbrush, ideal for oral hygiene, has a solid form with Plastic bristles. Available in different sizes and colors, it efficiently removes plaque, supporting gum health and cavity prevention. Its compact design suits travel. Regular use ensures freshness. Maintenance includes rinsing and regular replacement, offering affordability and convenience for peak dental health.
Kids Toothbrush
The Kids Toothbrush, a Baby Brush with a solid form and Soft, Flexible Plastic bristles, offers various sizes and Stick Colors like Blue, Pink, Orange, and Green. Its Polypropylene stick material ensures durability, weighing 8 grams. Manual energy source. Effective for gentle cleaning, promoting oral health, with easy maintenance and colorful appeal, encouraging regular use.

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